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My whole life I followed the signs of the higher intelligence within me. My intuition leads me to the right path and helps me to make the greatest decisions. It helpts me to be brave and unconventional. I found the peace of mind, abundance and I am the creator of my daily reality. 


Understanding the laws of nature and the celestial bodies, I found stillness of mind and reactivated the powerful energy of my soul. 


Once you understand how to create your reality, you live a life in abundance and you will see the world through the magical filter of a childs eyes. ​

Everything you need to unlock your potential is in you. 

It is part of your inner compass. ​

Reconnet to your true soul plan. ​


Why Astrology?

Because it's medicine...for


Healty thoughts create healty cells. You become more immune to negative energies. Think yourself healthier. 


Why are you here? Get clarity about your calling and serve your community with your talents the best way you can. Use your resources to move and inspire people. 


Detox from your usless beliefs and behaviours. Uncover your unhealty habits and transform them into more energy and joy. 


Find peace with your cycle and transform your pre-menstrual syndrom into your superpower. Your body is the expression of your attitude to yourself. 

Self Love

You're in the most important relationship with your self, aren't you? 


Stress creates illness. Slow down. Bring simplicity in to your life. Breathe and take some distance. Gain another perspective. 



"The reading of my chart was spot on! It helped to shore up in new ways some of the wandering ideas of how to use my gifts and talents to truly serve the world. I'm grateful for her insight into my innerscape and the inspiration that sprouted while listening. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me and others! Well worth an exploration and investment."

— Kat Lindsy, USA


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