Born in the Sign of Gemini

Leo Rising



  • Bachelor of Pre-Primary and Primary Education 2009

  • Diploma as astrological-psychology Counsellor AZB 2015

  • Self-employed astrology Counsellor since 2015

  • Teacher in Bern 2019

  • Certificate Neuro Change Solutions by Dr. Joe Dispenza 2019

My childhood was complex and through my early traumas, I learnt to develop strategies to survive on this planet. I learnt that all my answers are in me and I need to explore the depth of my soul to master this life. 

My youth was marked with philosophical inquiries and soon I understood that I am not from here. But I knew that I have a mission on this planet. 

My life now is full of humour about the craziness of life itself and the human game and drama. I observe the world with awe and I want to share my perspective with you.  

Play with the world. Have fun and be creative!